Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Ex Girlfriend Back By Showing Her You’re Desirable and Available

Do you want to get ex girlfriend back?  In three quarters of break ups, women are the ones who call it quits.  As you are probably aware by this time in your life, women are irrational creatures.  They don’t always say or do what is in their best interest.  Often, within days of a break up, a woman is ready to get back together.  But, she’s embarrassed that she made a scene and won’t tell you that she’d like to reconcile.  Unless you make a move, you are at a stalemate with the situation being that you are broken up.  So, it is up to you to get ex girlfriend back.

To get ex girlfriend back, you have to pursue a two pronged approach.  The first thing you have to do is show her that you are desirable.  The second thing is to show her you are available and you want her back.

If there was a core reason for the break up, you need to address that.  For instance, when Scott and Rachel first started going out, he took her to plays and concerts because she really enjoyed the arts.  As they got more settled in their relationship, dates increasingly revolved around his passion for sports.  In fact, after Rachel called the relationship off, Scott realized that they hadn’t done an arts event in nearly four months.

Scott realized that in order to get ex girlfriend back, he had to show her the fun parts that she had been missing from the relationship.

Scott didn’t bombard Rachel with calls and text messages immediately.  He gave her her space.  But a couple weeks after the break up, he casually mentioned that he had two tickets to the symphony and asked whether she would like to go “just as friends.”

Of course, Rachel jumped at the chance to do something she liked with the man she was still in love with.  Scott and Rachel went to the concert and then he took her to a romantic restaurant where he bought the best bottle of wine on the menu.  Rachel was blown away by the “new” Scott and started hinting that she wouldn’t mind restarting the relationship.

At this point, the ball was in Scott’s court.  He now had the upper hand to define how they were going to get back together.  Get ex girlfriend back meant getting her on his terms.

He told Rachel that he had enjoyed the evening and he looked forward to more just like it.  But he also enjoyed sports and hoped that if they got back together she would be willing to learn more about offside and fouls.

Because she was in a great mood, she agreed.  The new terms for going forward with the relationship had been set and everyone was happy.

Remember, Rachel broke up with Scott in a fit of pique.  But she didn’t really want to end the relationship.  Scott handled everything just right in realizing what was lacking, fixing it, and then proceeding under a new set of rules.

And, that is how Scott went about get ex girlfriend back.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Get an Ex Girlfriend Back With a Successful Battle Plan

John wanted to get an ex girlfriend back. John was a veteran of the war in Iraq and he knew that he had to make a battle plan to get an ex girlfriend back.

John’s ex, a woman named Macy, broke up with him because she had met someone else, in this case a poet. John knew that while Macy had an artistic streak, she wasn’t going to ultimately be happy with someone whose idea of a good time was rhyming couplets. In short, the poet wasn’t the kind of man that John was.

So, John set out a battle plan to get an ex girlfriend back. There were three prongs to his approach. 

The first thing he did was to smooth out the rough edges on himself. He let his crew cut grow out and had a short stylish haircut. He also started reading some of the books Macy had mentioned in the past. He figured that to get an ex girlfriend back, he had to be the kind of boyfriend she wanted.

The next prong of attack was to show her that he was a virile man that other women wanted. He called up Sarah, a friend of Macy’s, and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner as a casual date. When she said yes, John texted Macy and asked where Sarah might like to go on a date.

Macy immediately called John and wanted to know why he was taking Sarah out. John told her that they were broken up and he was moving on. He had always thought Sarah was an interesting person and thought it might be a good time to get to know her. If Macy had any objections, maybe she should reconsider the break up. 

Macy slammed down the phone, which John expected. But he had planted the idea with Macy that he was a desirable guy. This was all part of his get an ex girlfriend back strategy.

The third prong of attack was to use the date with Sarah to get information back to Macy. John was the perfect gentleman on his date with Sarah. He brought her a single rose when he picked her up. He took her to a nice restaurant. And, on the date, he talked about the fabulous books he had been reading lately.

Then, when he dropped her off, he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek but didn’t go any further. The next day, he sent her a lovely bouquet and said “I had a really good time. I hope you did too.”

Sarah, of course, was on the phone with Macy immediately. She wanted to know why Macy had broken off a relationship with such a great guy.

Meanwhile, the luster had gone off the relationship with the Poet, and Macy was missing John a lot. 

Macy called John a couple of days after his date with Sarah and wanted to know if the two of them could try starting up their relationship again.

That, my friends, is how to get an ex girlfriend back.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Win Love Back and Have Your Ex Fall in Love with You All Over Again

What can you do to win love back?  Getting your ex to fall in love with you all over again can be a challenge.  The truth is that there are reasons that he or she called it off.  If you can figure out what the reasons are, you have a good chance to win love back.

If you need to win love back because the other person couldn’t trust you anymore, you will have to proceed slowly.  If you messed up and fooled around with someone else, you have to prove that you can be loyal again. 

First, you must be certain that you want your ex back.  What is going to keep you from straying again?  Could it be that the reason you fooled around is because you weren’t 100 percent sure you wanted your ex?  If this is the case, are you now sure that you want the relationship to go forward? 

If you are sure, then you need to apologize.  Don’t think that this will get you very far when it comes to win love back, but it is a necessary first step.

Then, you must give your ex time to heal.  Don’t push him or her to resolve the situation.  During this time, you don’t want to play any head games that might give your ex the feeling that you can’t be trusted.  You probably shouldn’t date other people during this time.  You should be humble. 

Be a great friend to her.  Do the things that made her fall in love with you in the first place.  If she still has feelings for you, being a good friend can help her pave over the infidelity.

But there are reasons besides cheating that a person dumps their lover.  For instance, they may be bored with the relationship.  In this case, if you want to win love back, you have to spice things up.

When your ex was first attracted to you, you were probably not complacent in the dating game.  You planned each date carefully, dressed up for the events, and brought little gifts to him or her from time to time.  As the relationship developed, you may have gotten sloppy about it. 

If you think the reason you are now in the position where you need to win love back is that you let the relationship get boring, try spicing things up.   If you meet up again “just as friends” do something different and exciting.  Meet at a wine bar instead of a pool hall.  Go out for fondue or other “interesting” food.  Go to a concert with music that she likes.  Don’t just sit around the house watching football or American Idol all of the time.

If your ex is bored with you, win love back by becoming more interesting in your personal life as well.  Take a course or join up with an interesting group.  Start skydiving.  Show your ex that you can be a lot of fun.

The final reason that I’m going to discuss here about why a break up happens is that you were just “too into” your ex.  He or she didn’t have any room to breathe.  They may still like you.  Heck, they may still love you, but they didn’t find any room for themselves in the relationship.

If this is the case, you have to give your ex some space.  The worst thing you can do is send them 100 text messages a day or call crying at 3:00 a.m. asking why the break up happened.  You win love back by backing off.  When you see your ex, be casual.  Don’t be needy.

There are, of course, many other reasons why your ex could have broken up with you.  When you analyze why the break up happened, you can use the space thereafter to win love back by making the necessary changes.

You won’t win love back by continuing in your old habits.  But you should know that getting back together is possible.  You can win love back.

Monday, March 7, 2011

He Dumped Me How Will I Ever Survive

If you are saying "he dumped me.  How will I ever survive?" mere words in an article will not give you comfort.  It may help to know that while you’ve broken up, you are not a broken person.

When you’ve been in the position that "he dumped me," you have two fears.  The first is that you will never recover from the pain.  The second is that no one will ever love you again.

Take heart, dear.  The fear is real.  The pain is real.  But, the situation exists in your head, not in the real world.  While one part of your life may be over, your life is not over.

You still have friends and family who care about you.  In fact, you now have more time to spend with them.  Many times, when you get into an involved romantic relationship, we lose touch with the other people who bring meaning to your life.  You now have a chance to reconnect with them.

In fact, sharing your loss with them may encourage them to share their break up experiences with you.  When you say, "he dumped me," that allows them to be vulnerable about how they've been hurt.  You will begin to see that your pain is not unique.  You will also be able to see that other people have lived full and complete lives after a break up.

In addition to having more time for others who you care about, you will have more time to work on the issues in your life.  Many times, when you are in a relationship, the activities you care about get pushed aside if your boyfriend isn't interested in them.  This is a good time to get re-involved in the things that matter to you.

If no particular activity comes to mind, then maybe you need to get a hobby!  No, really, when you say "he dumped me," what you tell yourself is that you are worthless.  When you take up a new activity and invest in yourself, you prove to yourself that you matter.

There are all kinds of activities you can get involved with.  The best thing to do is to join a group, class, or workshop.  For instance, joining a hiking club will let you meet lots of people who enjoy the great outdoors.  A ballroom dancing class will introduce you to people who enjoy the finer things in life.  A writer’s workshop will be filled with creative types.

As you begin to re-engage with the world, you will lose the sense of desperation you felt when he dumped you.  You will make new friends who share a common interest.  And, you may even meet someone special to spend your time with.

The truth is that you will find someone to date again.  Your soul mate is out there.

Your ex may have done you a favor by breaking up with you because now you have a chance to find someone who fits you better.

And, always remember, the best revenge when "he dumped me" is moving on!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

When Love Still Exists How to Win Ex Back

Do you want to win ex back?  If you had a close, loving relationship with a man who later dumped you, you may want to get back together.  You have a lot of emotional investment in the relationship, and may not want to throw it away without an attempt to reignite the flame.  Here’s how to win ex back.

First of all, you need to analyze your own feelings.  Do you still care deeply about your ex?  Sometimes a great passion burns into being merely comfortable.  You don’t want to lose your ex because he’s like an old slipper.  But comfort doesn’t make a great relationship.  There has to be a great love.  If you still have passionate feelings for your old boyfriend, you can move onto the next step of how to win ex back.

And that next step is examining how he feels about you.  Does he have the same kind of grand love?  If the problems in the relationship were things you can work on – communication, time management, goal awareness – then you can win ex back.  But, if the problem was deeper – he was no longer in love with you – you should start to move on now.

When you have determined that this was a grand love, you can start to work on the things that can bring you back together.  For instance, think back to who you were when your boyfriend fell for you.  Perhaps you weighed 10 pounds less, had a more optimistic outlook on life, were close to your girlfriends, or were involved in a variety of activities.

After you spend time with a guy, you begin to change.  You spend less time with girlfriends or on your own activities as he begins to demand more of your presence.  You may have let yourself go because you feel secure in his affection.

If you want to win ex back, you need to go back to being the woman he fell in love with.

Another tip to how to win ex back is to practice detachment.  Don’t call, text, or stalk him.  You don’t want to appear desperate.  By  seeming to accept the situation, you actually become more desirable to him. 

In practicing detachment, you also begin to focus on what makes you happy.  You get reconnected to friends and family.  You take up hobbies and other things which interest you.  You become a more positive person in general.  This all helps in win ex back.

When you do get together with your ex from time to time, use the past to your advantage.  For instance, if there was an outfit he really liked to see you in, wear it.  If you eat at a restaurant where you had a good time with him, mention that you were there again.  Because you have many positive experiences with this guy, you can use your common history to win ex back.

From time to time, invite your ex to non-committal type events.  Ask him to join a group of your friends at a bar or invite him to a party.  Let him know he’s free to bring a date. 

Finally, if you want to win ex back, just be yourself.  Either he’s in love with you or he isn’t.  You can’t change who you are to win ex back.  You can only be yourself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve been dumped.  More than once.  More than I’d like to admit, actually.  And, while it hurt quite a bit each time, I have to say that I have grown from the experiences.  So, here are some things I’ve learned from women who ve dumped me.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me #1: It takes two.

Often with the pain and heartbreak of a break up, it is easy to blame the other person for your misery.  But the truth is that if the relationship was no longer working, you were part of the problem.  Evaluate what went on so that you can apply the lessons to your next relationship.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me #2: Give women their personal space.

Women like to cuddle and snuggle.  They may seem to always be around.  But they need their personal space too.  Men have a tendency to be possessive.  We want to keep tabs on where they’re going and what they’re doing there.  If any woman has ever cheated on you, this instinct becomes stronger.  But, trust is a key component in a relationship.  When you invade her personal space, you send the message that you don’t trust your girlfriend.  This can easily lead to the end of the relationship.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me #3: You get stronger over time.

When you wake up in the morning and the hurt’s so real, you may believe that you will never get over the break up.  But the truth is that not only does time heal all pain, but you will emerge from the break up a stronger person.  As philosopher Frederick Nietzsche said, “that which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.”

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me #4: It’s okay if it wasn’t meant to be.

Coming to accept that a relationship wasn’t meant to be is a key factor in healing.  If you had started projecting your relationship into the future – considering marriage, thinking about children – and then the woman you were with broke everything off, consider it a blessing.  It is better to end a relationship that wasn’t meant to be earlier rather than later.

Things I’ve Learned from Women Who ve Dumped Me #5: Good things don’t happen unless you make them happen.

Finally, the last lesson I want to share with you is that you can’t control what happened, but you can control to how you react to what happened.  If you want good things to happen in the future, you have to make them happen.

That means getting back on the horse.  Go out, meet new women.  Have some fun.  Eventually, you will find another relationship.  And, if you have followed the advice in this article about things I’ve learned from women who ve dumped me, the relationship will be even better and stronger than the last one.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Lost Love – Every Relationship Has a Time Line

When I think about how I lost love, I think about Alfred Lord Tennyson’s quote, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  When I lost love, I felt the whole world had collapsed around me.  I’m sharing my story in order to help you if you too have lost the love of your life.

I think it is important to remember that every relationship has a natural lifespan.  In Junior High, that’s about four days.  As we get older, the lifespan increases.  But, there are certain relationships that are right for a period of time and then go awry.  Most of us will only have one great love in our lives.  The other relationships will terminate.  That’s why when I say I lost love, I understand that this is a natural process.

In my case, my girlfriend and I were thinking about ratcheting up our relationship.  Her lease was about to end, and she wanted to move into my apartment.  As we were spending most of our time there anyway, it made sense from a financial perspective.

But there is something significant about having separate places.  I know I lost love because I couldn’t handle her taking our relationship to this level.  I guess the time span of our relationship was up because I wasn’t willing to become more committed.

Now, I know I handled the situation badly.  I went to a friend’s bachelor party and let’s just say things got out of hand.  Word about the wild antics at the party got back to my girlfriend, naturally, and she dumped me.  I lost love over the events of one night.

But, when I think back on what really happened, the events of the bachelor party were really a reaction to our discussion of more commitment.  I seriously don’t think I would have behaved the way I did if I really wanted her to move in.  I lost love because I wasn’t ready for the direction it was taking.

I’m glad I had the chance to be in a relationship with my ex.  But I don’t think she was the love of my life, my soul mate.  Instead, she was someone with whom I genuinely enjoyed spending time.  I loved her.  I still love her.  But, she is not the person with whom I see spending the rest of my life.

I went through a period of mourning the relationship and analyzing what went wrong.  I really was hurt when she said she wanted to end things.  Sure, I understood that I had hurt her.  But, I didn’t want her to leave my life completely.

I guess what I wanted was for things to continue on the way they were.  But, every relationship has to grow or die.  Because I wasn’t willing to let it grow, it had to die.  In every relationship, there is a time to die.  And, for me, this was it.  That’s how I lost love.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Get Your Ex Back What To Do When Shes Dumped You

How get your ex back?  This is the lament of every guy who has ever been dumped.  Did you know that in three quarters of break ups, it is the girl who calls the whole thing off?  Guys generally want to stay together with their girlfriends.  This article is about how to get ex back.

First of all, you have to determine whether she did you a favor by dumping you.  Too often, guys stick with girls out of inertia.  It is easier to stay in an okay relationship than go out and look for a really good one.  If you don’t feel that the girl who dumped you was your soul mate, consider that her calling things off might be a blessing in disguise.

If this is not the case and you still want get your ex back, read on.

The next step is to determine whether she loves you.  Girls can be fickle.  They are much more likely to act impulsively and then have regrets about what they did.  If you think she still loves you, you have a good chance at ho get your ex back.

In this case, you have to make her come to you.  Many guys call their ex’s numerous times, send hundreds of texts, and exhibit other such stalkerish behavior.  This just pushes their girlfriends away.

Instead, seem like you are accepting of the break up.  Move on.  Date other girls – especially girls in her circle.  By making her come back to you instead of the other way around, you will go about how get your ex back.

During this time, you should analyze whether you have changed from the many she first fell in love with.  Often, guys try to impress girls up front.  But, once they have slipped into a comfortable relationship with their girlfriend, they slag off.  For instance, are you still working out as often as you did?  Toward the end, were you still opening her car door, buying her flowers, and generally romancing her the way you did at the beginning of the relationship?  These things can make a big difference in how get your ex back.

When you do see your ex girlfriend, subtly remind her of your common bonds.  If you are going to go to a party where you know she’s going to be, wear a shirt she gave you.  If she has a favorite cologne, wear it.  And, when you talk, bring up the positive things in your past.  Don’t beat her over the head with them, but make her nostalgic about your common history.

Invite her to non-committal type of events.  If a group of friends are going to the beach, ask her to come along.  Begin seeing her in social settings once again.  When she comes along, pay some attention to her, but spend your time with your friends and other girls too.  When she sees that you are an attractive catch, you’ve already won half the battle of how get your ex back.

So, that is how get your ex back.