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Relationship Advice - Facts About Breakups

As a general rule, breaking up with someone is hard on both people. It is probably just as hard for the one ending it as it is for the one being broken up with. When someone is being broken up with, it doesn't mean that the person ending it doesn't care anymore or no longer loves them. It just means that something in the relationship is not working.

If you are broken up with, it doesn't mean that something is wrong with you. Again, something in the relationship isn't working for the other person. It's OK to cry, and feel sad and hurt, or even mad when you've been dumped as these are natural reactions. It is much better to let these feelings out than to keep them bottled up inside. The sooner you let go of them, the sooner you can get over them and begin healing.

When letting your feelings out, try not to act out in anger towards your ex. Doing that isn't good for anybody, and makes you look bad and your ex looks like a victim. When it's all said and done, having acted out in anger will only make you feel worse in the long run.

Going through a breakup is never easy, and it will be like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Probably more downs at first, but just take things one day at a time and don't be too hard on yourself for being human. It is normal to have strong emotions such as loneliness, fear, shame, anger, etc. show physically in various forms, i.e. crying and feeling like your heart is breaking.

During a difficult breakup, you may have the tendency to isolate your self from others. While having some time to yourself is beneficial, spending all your time by yourself is unhealthy and hinders the healing process. Having your friends, and loved ones around you gives you extra support when you're hurting.

Sometimes, embarrassment plays a big part in the pain following a breakup. We are afraid of what other people outside the relationship will think, and what they will say behind our backs. Even if you did something crazy that resulted in the breakup, refuse to be embarrassed. The sooner you let go of any embarrassment, the sooner you can move on.

Breakups are usually followed by one of the parties getting in a new relationship. Being upset by the news of your ex starting a relationship with someone else is perfectly normal, and actually helps with the healing process. Being upset and working past it helps, but being jealous and doing something mean or spiteful to your ex and/or their new love interest is not helpful.

The future may seem bleak following a breakup, but you never now what might happen. You may get back together with your ex, or maybe you won't. Parting ways graciously and without any hard feelings leaves room for a relationship with your ex in the future, if not together then perhaps as good friends.

Breakups are difficult and painful for everyone involved, but it is possible to work through it and get over your ex. Unfortunately, this process will not happen overnight and won't be very easy, but rest assured that you are not alone in what you're feeling. If you are missing your ex boyfriend, this article may help I Miss My Ex-Boyfriend.

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As a general rule, breaking up with someone is hard on both people. How To Get My Ex Back

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