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Relationship Advice - How Do Guys Handle Breakups?

Being a guy doesn't make us any less vulnerable after a breakup. We may handle the aftermath differently, but we don't necessarily handle it any better.

Throughout my life, I have gone through several horrible breakups. Whether it was because of being cheated on, bad chemistry, or simply lost love the feelings caused by the breakup were anything but happy. However, because of these hardships I have been able to try several different methods to deal with these bad relationships.

  1. Drinking - This was definitely not a smart idea. The problem didn't go away except for at that moment and even then the decision to drink was regretted the next morning.
  2. Being recluse - Not exactly a good idea either. Shutting myself off from others only made the relationship further linger on my mind.
  3. Working more - This kept my mind busy, even though at times I didn't feel like continuing. As time went by, it became easier.
  4. Spending time with friends - Although I've never exactly been popular, I have had some good friends. Spending time with them not only kept my mind busy, but also gave me a few much needed laughs.
  5. Writing poetry - Writing my feelings down on paper was probably one of the better choices I have made after a relationship. Not only does it help clear my mind of emotions, but it also helps me in the future when I want to look back for reasons why not to want to be with someone.
  6. Doing hobbies - Cooking and playing games are two of the easier hobbies to do after a breakup. Although I have other favorite things to do--like reading and watching movies--they just don't seem as easy to accomplish.

Different guys handle relationships differently and have tried other techniques. One common technique in dealing with a breakup is "getting back on the horse." This is when a relationship fails and the person finds someone else directly after. Nonetheless, I do no suggest doing this. It's an easy way to end up hurting even more in the long run and only thinking about and comparing your previous relationship with your current one.

Although there isn't one perfect way to deal with a relationship, hopefully my own experiences can help you figure out how to deal with your own breakup. Remember, all guys are different. If you can't cure your heartache by writing down your feelings, doing hobbies, spending time with friends, or working more, that doesn't make you any less of a man. Simply find your own technique. It may take time, but once you find a solution it is well worth it.

Gary R. Hess is the author of Relationships: Breaking Up. Be sure to also check out break up quotes.

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