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Relationship Advice - Stop a Long Term Relationship Breakup

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Whenever a relationship becomes long term, it is inevitable that it will go through rocky patches. Times when things are not going as well as they could. Any partnership that is in this stage is vulnerable, and the bonds holding you together will be at their weakest. So how can you avoid a long term relationship breakup?
As soon as you spot signs of trouble, you should act. The sooner you recognize the problems the easier they will be to address, and put right again. Fast action is the key to success. If you recognize any of the following happening in your relationship act now before it is too late.
Don't take your partner for granted. This is one of the biggest problems in many long relationships. Over time it is only natural to settle into a routine, and to start to take our significant others presence for granted. Lots of things can conspire to push your partners needs down your list of priorities, especially if you just assume they will always be there. It all to often happens, but if they do not feel as important as they should, and someone comes along who makes them feel special, they just may decide that here are better things out there. To prevent this happening make an effort to show them they are important every chance you get. This may be as simple as saying thank you when they cook dinner, or showing an interest in their day.
Stay away from boring routine. Boring dull routine is a very effective relationship killer, don't let yours die this way. Break from routine as often as you can. It doesn't have to be expensive, if they usually cook dinner then surprise them by doing it instead. Arrange a date night as a surprise, book a show or a restaurant. On this surprise date ban all the usual conversation topics, and only talk as if you are on a date. Divulge a secret about your early life to each other, talk about your dreams and goals, or a personal fantasy.
Never let your passion die. A sure relationship killer is a dull or non existent sex life. Your intimate bedroom time should never become a neglected third priority. If you have a set night for sex then this should be ringing alarm bells for you, as there is no surer sign of a relationship in crisis. It doesn't all have to be sex though, you should make an effort to have frequent intimate non sexual contact, cuddle your partner for no reason every now and then. Another way to add spice and fun to your physical relationship is to make a list of your wildest fantasies, and agree to grant at least one off each list to one another.
Learning to spot the signs of trouble and taking proactive steps to prevent them getting serious is the main way to stop a long term relationship breakup. All successful couples put work and effort into their romantic lives, and so should you. It brings great rewards in the long run.
Get some sensible relationship advice. Learn lasting solutions that not only will help you get your ex back, but will also help you to prevent yourself getting in this situation again. Or simply to strengthen your current partnership.
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