Saturday, February 25, 2012

Relationship Break Up Advice - 8 Ways to Survive a Bad Break Up

When that special bond comes to an end, it can be extremely painful. If you have been in a relationship for long, it can be all the more heart wrenching. In fact the longer you have been in a relationship, the worrisome are the consequences. But here is some Relationship break up advice that you can use to tide over one of the worst times in your life.

1. Stop all contact. It's important that you take this Relationship break up advice very seriously. Stop all intimate contact with the person immediately. It's no use. You will feel more pain. Decide that it's the last time you are meeting as lovers and leave it at that.

2. Don't fall for someone on rebound - just because the person gave you shoulder to cry on doesn't justify the person to become a lover. Rather talk to friends and stop getting into this situation for sometime. It's important that you look at your priorities straightforward.

3. Don't look back is another Relationship break up advice - it's important to appreciate the moments that you spend together. Now is the time to move on. Appreciate the positive feelings that you had with the person and get a move on.

4. Don't get lonely and take support of your family and friends. It's important that you meet your friends and surprisingly, parents can be a great source of encouragement.

5. Hangout at the place you loved or go shopping or watch a film - one of the Relationship break up advice I would like to share with you is to get out of the house. The more you are cooped up inside the house, the worse it's for you. Get a life and the fresh air inside your lungs. This will also help you to combat depressive thoughts

6. Pick up old hobbies or things that interest you - Relationship break up advice says that hobbies de-stress your life. When you uncomplicated matters and start taking simple pleasures of life, you relive your life once again. This is very important for you to get a move on.

7. Work and time are great healers. Know that work will keep you grounded and busy. It will take away the negative thoughts from your head. Try this Relationship break up advice and how.

8. Take a short vacation or break and come back totally rejuvenated. You will thank our Relationship break up advice.

These are the first steps in a proven strategy about Relationship BreakUp Advice. It doesn't stop here, though. What you do next is crucial to get your ex back.

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