Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Relationship Break Up Advice - What Your Friends Should Tell You About Getting Your Boyfriend Back

Need relationship break up advice? Do you feel like your friends and family just don't understand what you're going through? A lot of times when you are in the middle of a break up it can seem like no one really wants you to get your boyfriend back. They all tell you that he's a loser, or that they never really liked him anyway. Or they tell you that you'll get over him and move on and you'll realize that you're better off without him.

But really, if all you can think about is getting your boyfriend back, then what they're telling you isn't very helpful. Instead, it just makes you feel like you can't talk to them and tell them what you're really feeling. So what should you do if you need relationship break up advice but no one is taking you seriously? Here are three things your best friend should say to you to help you get your boyfriend back.

1. It's okay to be upset about the break up and want to get your boyfriend back. Right after a break up is a hard time in your life. And you can't just move on that easily. A lot of friends mean well when they tell you that you're better than your ex and if he can't see that then you should move on. They really just want what's best for you and they want you to be happy. But it is okay to miss your boyfriend and want him back, even if all of the relationship break up advice you've gotten has told you it's not.

2. Please don't call him and beg him to come back. If you've asked your friends for relationship break up advice they might have told you this one. But they probably did it in the context of not wanting you to get back together with him. But the real reason calling him all the time isn't going to help you with getting your boyfriend back is because it makes you appear too needy. Right now you want your boyfriend to miss you so that when you do talk to him he wants to talk to you. If you keep calling him after the break up he's only going to get annoyed and not want to talk to you at all.

3. Don't sit around waiting to get your boyfriend back. Seriously, you have to go out and do other things to get your mind off of your relationship. This way you won't be tempted to call him. Plus you won't just sit around and wallow about not being with him right now. In fact, it might make him more than a little jealous to see that you aren't just wasting away sitting by the phone. If you're out and about and doing things, he might feel like he's missing out and will start calling you again to see what you're doing.

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As a general rule, breaking up with someone is hard on both people. How To Get My Ex Back

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