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Relationship Help 101 - Break Up and Make Up - How Breaking Up Works Best

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Relationship Help

Do you fear your partner may be calling it quits and ending it with you? Often the cure to a troubled relationship is a split; break up and flat out separation. This can be the first step in working it out and avoiding future break ups, heart aches and troubles, once and for all! This could lead to a new and improved level in the relationship. Getting back together with an ex can occur with great improvement after having gone through a serious time out! After dating for any length of time you invest a lot of emotion and time in the other person. There is no doubt you loved and cared for each other a great deal and it is because of this the break up will be well worth it.

It is important to accept the fact that you face this for a reason, something is broken and now's the time for distance and repair! You must deal with it in healthy and productive way. This will bring to light all your good qualities and remind the other person just why they fell in love with you in the first place.

How you handle the root of the problem will have a lot to do with whether you can ever make up or not. Maybe it's you who wants to break up and if so do it with love, understanding and compassion. You may not be clear if you're ready for it to be completely over or if you just need a break to evaluate your life. Remember, this is a person who has been close to you, sharing a lot with and you have a responsibility to consider their feelings and the fact that you may want them back. You do not want regrets hanging in the balance, so keep it respectful.

How To Do The Break UP

• Tell the person that you want to break up in a public place.
• A public place is best because people are less likely to embarrass themselves if others are around.
• Do not drag it out say your peace and leave.

Once The Deed Is Done

• Leave communication open and let them know you're there if needed.
• Never ever play games with your ex giving yourself comfort knowing they are on a leash.
• Be careful about dating mutual friends or flaunting a new date around your ex.
• Remember that if you ever make up, these things are going to haunt you and hang over the relationship.
• It's best to date new people neither of you know.

If you decide you want to get back together, remember the following:

• Let them know how you're feeling and that you are interested.
• Revive their interest in you by trying new activities, new friends and a fresh new outlook.
• Try out a fresh new look - maybe your hair or simply some new clothes, they will take notice.
• Suggest meeting your ex for lunch or any non-romantic thing with others around.
• During this time, you can bring up the positive memories you shared.
• Take this time to emphasize any changes you and your ex have made.

What To DO If Your Ex Wants You Back

• If your ex indicates that he or she is willing to give it a second try, move slow and steady!
• Don't assume you can just pick up the relationship where you left it.
• Woo your boyfriend or girlfriend as if you're trying to win them for the first time.
• Plan romantic dates, hold hands and do not jump into bed together, remember it's as if winning them for the first time.

Always Consider

• Your relationship will need time to heal from the break up.
• Don't forget that your ex's feelings were indeed hurt by the separation.
• Continue on the self improvement.
• Don't allow bad habits to rear their ugly head again.
• Continually strive to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend you can be.

There you have it, your guide to Relationship Help! - Sometimes You Must Break up to Make up.

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As a general rule, breaking up with someone is hard on both people. How To Get My Ex Back

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