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Relationship Break Up Advice - 4 Different Scenarios For You to Learn

Relationship break up advice could help people who are suffering from the effects of a break up. Having heartbreak would cause a person to fall into depression and remove any sense of logic and reasoning from the mind. If the person is unable to withstand the pain any longer, things might take a turn for the worst.

A person experiencing the break up of a relationship would feel almost the same thing as when a person loses a loved one through death. The pain is almost indescribable and it could make one feel as if the end of the world has come. The only fortunate thing about a broken relationship is that it is not as irreversible as when a loved one is lost through death.

Just because a relationship has broken up, it does not mean that it cannot be saved. Knowing what to do to solve the problems in the relationship and finding ways to convince the other party to get back into a relationship could help restore the relationship and improve it, forming an even stronger relationship compared to before.

There are various types of relationships and each of them would have some generic methods of resolution, and some specific methods to resolve the problem in them. Do note, though, that some relationships are just not meant to be, and saving them might not really be the best option all the time.

Relationship Break Up Advice Scenarios 1: Abusive relationships

This kind of relationship tends to be very negative and disadvantageous to one of the couple involved. If any one of them wants to restore the relationship, the decision must be made together in agreement and should not be interfered from external parties. If such a relationship is to be restored, then it is advisable that the abuser changes attitude and treats the abused like a proper human being before any of them should consider getting back together.

Relationship Break Up Advice Scenarios 2: Break ups made in agreement

In a preferable situation, breaking up should be agreed by both parties so that both of them would be clear why things have taken a turn for the worst and the chances of getting over the break up would be higher. It often involves both of them in a conflicting situation where both can only agree on one thing: they cannot agree with each other. In such a case, there would be less regrets, particularly since it was a decision made by both of them.

Relationship Break Up Advice Scenarios 3: Your partner initiated the break up

This type of break up tends to be the most painful type. Your partner usually tells you about the decision to break up out of the blue, if not, there is the hint that something bad will happen soon, the anticipation builds up, and the pain adds to the devastation of breaking up. It might really land a fatal blow to you especially if you have lived your life comfortably and lovingly.

Relationship Break Up Advice Scenarios 4: You initiated the break up

This type of break up would actually bring the same amount of pain and sadness as when your partner initiates the break up. The main difference is that the realisation that you need to separate comes to you slowly and gives you more time to prepare for the worst. It is after the break up that things are usually the same as the previous type of break up and you could also feel regret for the break up.

There are ways to help you overcome your break up or help you restore it, but you need to be able to stay positive to mend the problems you have and win back your loved one.

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