Sunday, March 25, 2012

So... you have decided to come online because you are surrounded with anxious times these days due to a marriage that seems to be breaking down little by little. You've come to the information super highway (the Internet) and typed in "Stop Divorce"

I understand that your marriage is going through a tough time at the moment and either you or your spouse has threatened legal action against the marriage because you or your partner feel that enough is enough and you want an easy way out! Well... let me tell you this... a divorce is not the easy way out! Most of the time when a marriage is breaking down, a divorce is not the answer.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is by showing you some tips and techniques that can help you resolve any issues.

1. Communication Is Critical!

First and foremost, its important that you sit down with your partner and talk about the problems you are experiencing in your relationship. What is most required from this exercise is close communication and understanding. Communicating on a regular basis is an important key element to developing a better relationship between both of you! So try and make a good effort to set aside a convenient time for both of you to talk about your problems and discuss your married life in General. You can start off a conversation by asking how each others day went? What did you do in work today? Who did you meet for lunch? etc etc... I hope you are seeing the picture here.

The problem most of the time, with long-term married couples is that they fail to communicate with each other as there relationship develops and unfortunately the spark that once enlightened their relationship has made an escape. This leads to many problems once the loss of communication has commenced. However, its not that difficult to communicate again as long has you both make a conscious effort to resolve things!

2. Seek The Lost Flame...

Its also important to try and re-capture the lost flame that you once had with your partner at the beginning of the relationship if you are serious about stopping a divorce from happening. By this I mean that you need to take the time to convey to your partner that you appreciate them very much. How can you show this love and appreciation? Simple! By telling them that you care about your partner and that you love them also! There are other ways to show this love and affection... like writing a simple note in the morning, sending them flowers at work, or preparing dinner for your partner once they come in the door from a long day of hard work! These little gestures are like gold and send out positive signals to your spouse showing them that you DO CARE about him/her and are very much willing to stop divorce from ever occurring in the future.

3. Don't Forget The Excitement!

Always encourage excitement in your marriage. Unfortunately so many marriages fail to do this properly and its key to the long-term success of your relationship! People thing that once you get married that things inevitably slow down and married relationships become boring and dry when children start to come into the scene. This is completely the wrong attitude to have... when you marry each other it should only be thought of as the beginning of an exciting relationship for the rest of your lives. Just because you get older and you develop a family does not mean that you should become a bore....

Take the time to do the fun things that brought you both together in the first place. These were the exciting times you had and they need to be encouraged again and kept alive. When you start to do these things again, you will begin to rebuild that bond you once had that got temporarily lost somewhere as time went past!

Hopefully these tips have helped you in some way to encourage you to stop your divorce from occurring. They are not the only things you should be doing to resolve your marital problems, however they are effective activities you can take immediate action on!

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