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There is no "magic bullet" solution to relationship repair. However, it's not rocket science either. If you want to know how to win his heart back all you need is the right approach. It's more than possible to have him back in your arms - even if you

In fact, if you go about this the right way, it's more possible than not.

So with this in mind, this article will give you the basic steps you must take in order to maximize your chances of a future reunion with your guy.

Before you proceed in how to win his heart back you must believe that it's possible. It's understandable to have some doubts when it comes to relationship repair - no one expects you to operate from the realms of a fantasy world. To do so would be counter-productive.

However, there is a fine line between skepticism and realism - and it's one that should never be crossed when it comes to getting a guy back. It's hard enough as it is to go about this with the right head on your shoulders so if you want to win his heart back... don't set yourself up to fail from the start.

Next, you need to examine the reason for the breakup. Either you didn't show this guy enough affection throughout the relationship or you showed him too much. In either case, you will need to correct this once you're back together.

For example, if he was the last "item" on your priority list (e.g. you were always putting him off to be with friends or to engage in any other activity) you have to show him that things are going to change - that he will again be on the top of your list when you're back together again.

In contrast, if you were too needy during the relationship and didn't give him enough space to breathe, he needs to know that if given a second chance this will no longer be the case.

However, before he can take you back you must show him that you're more than willing to change. How should you go about this?

In the exact opposite way that you'd imagine. Common sense might be telling you to call or meet him so you can express your desire to start fresh, however, it won't work at this point in time. He's not likely to be receptive to anything you have to say and there's a very good reason for this: he's skeptical in your ability to follow through on your word.

However, by letting him come to you with the problems of the relationship first, and only then openly addressing your willingness to do things different, he'll be open to hearing what you have to say. He might not accept your proposal immediately, but once you've planted the seed he'll do so soon thereafter. It's all about catching him in the right frame of mind.

In closing, you'll need to make some major changes in yourself if you want to win him heart back. Additionally, you'll need to express your desire to have a meaningful relationship to him but only when he's ready to fully accept it. And above all, you must remain hopeful throughout this entire period - even if things aren't going your way 100% of the time.

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