Monday, March 26, 2012

There really is no easy way to break up with your mate. Breakups are hard on both people, whether you are the one breaking up or the one being dumped. You each have invested a lot of time in the relationship and have found a certain amount of comfort

1.)Let Them Know Ahead of Time. Most people are so blindsided when the breakup actually happens, that they are hurt even more, because they didn't see it coming. If you are wanting to breakup, let the other person know by asking them questions like "do you think this relationship is going anywhere?" This will at least get them to start thinking about the relationship and then they won't be so surprised.

2.)Pick a Meeting Place. You never want to breakup with someone over the phone or while driving. Take a look at these three options and why one works better than the other two.

Restaurant or Coffee Shop - If your partner is a very emotional type person or has a bad temper, this may be the best choice. They will be more prone to keep control of their emotions in a public place versus a private place. If for some reason it doesn't keep them from going crazy, then you can just get up and walk out.

Your Place - If you breakup at your place, it may be difficult to get your partner to leave and it's not like you can just get up and leave your own place with he/she there.

Their Place - Breaking up at their place has the benefit just like the restaurant, you can get up and leave. However, they will be stuck with the memory of the breakup, the sadness and pain every time they come home. So if you care about their feelings, don't do the break up at their place.

3.) You Must Let Them Know Why. It is only fair that you let then know why you are breaking up with them. If it is something about them, let them know so they are aware of it so maybe, it doesn't affect their future relationships. Maybe you just aren't ready for a commitment, if that is the case, tell them that. Otherwise they are going to think it is something they did.

Breakups are never easy, on either person. You need to try and make sure that it is as painless as you can.

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