Sunday, March 18, 2012

What do you ask a therapist before beginning with them? How long does relationship counseling take? How much does it cost? Since 1992, these are the primary questions people have when they are considering relationship help with me.

Generally, see if the counselor offers a free consultation, and then go! Many of my clients like to get a sense of the fit with me, so find out for yourself. Ask about their years of experience. Tell the therapist your unique situation and ask them how they will help you.

Helping you doesn't have to last years and years! Effective couples counseling regarding intimacy problems can take weeks, sometimes months. Many of my couples counseling clients see me more consistently in the beginning, then over time spread out their sessions as they practice their new skills and tools for a healthy marriage! Many couples call me on a "as-needed" basis after eight to twelve sessions, when there is a flare-up or when they feel stuck, and the sessions helps them remember they know healthy relationship tools!

Learning tools for marriage intimacy doesn't have to drain your bank account, though remember how valuable fun, deep, and meaningful intimacy is to you! Find out what the counselor's fees are, and whether a sliding-scale fee is offered. A few sessions to build or re-build your relationship foundations can reap years of satisfaction.

Beginning questions for a counselor, regarding consultations, how long counseling takes, and how much therapy costs, are good to ask! How else are you going to find out whether I am the therapist that can make a difference in your relationship building more intimacy?

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