Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For couples on the brink of the divorce, relationship counseling arises as a last solution to help stop the break up. But some couples resort to counseling very early or when the first simple problems begin to flow on the surface. Here I will not dis

Couples these days understand the role of counseling in their relationships, they are more aware than their predecessors, perhaps because it wasnt something commonly done 30 or 40 years ago. You can see that nowadays couples follow the new trends even in their romantic lives, to see an end to a relationship that lasted for 30 or 40 years is a real disgraceful because theyll never know if relationship counseling could help their marriages to survive.

If you feel you are facing problems in your relationship that needs counseling, be sure to ask your partner to go with you with making prejudgments. If you ask him/her to go to counseling don't accuse them of being the problem and needing to be counseled. This could lead to unpleasant results. Try to clarify that you need counseling for yourself and the future of your relationship.

If you want counseling because you need something to be settled, the chance that they will welcome the idea will be greatly boosted. Explain that you have to adopt new ideas to maintain the flame of love, and to learn how to be a better lover. Dont accuse your partner of the need to be counseled. Even if you realize they are the source of the problem, Just don't say it out loud. Because when you are at counseling, they will learn useful advice and techniques for being a better partner, just like you.

Don't jump to the conclusion that your partner will refuse the idea, you have to take your chance whether youve been in the relationship for two months, two years or two decades. Its better late than never. And its not late to prevent small problems from becoming gargantuan ones. If you had a new relationship, you might think that youre admitting to problems and admitting that the relationship is hopeless when you ask for counseling. It is not always true, actually if you ran away whenever a problem is in your way you will not make a successful relationship ever, these little problems being solved will give your love life immunity and strength

If your partner thinks that when you suggest relationship counseling that means your relationship is not flawless, that is true, even Romeo and Juliet had their share of problems and their relationship was doomed, that can not be an evidence of the lack of love or the failure of the relationship. You can simply explain that that isnt true. Just because you have the courage to admit that your relationship is not perfect reveals that youre willing to make whatever it takes to save the relationship, and that is the real love. If your partner refuses the idea, go alone. It will work better if both of you were there, you can go and work for the sake of your relationship alone. If your partner sees improvement in your behavior, they are more likely to participate in the counseling.

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