Saturday, April 7, 2012

The relationship counseling business is a multi billion dollar industry in America today which should come at no surprise considering the 60 plus percent divorce rate we are currently experiencing.Anyone with a PHD and some book smarts can claim to b

The truth of the matter is that most relationships our manageable however others were doomed the day they began.We all have the ability to save our relationships if they are indeed meant to be saved, without the help of a $150.00 per hour relationship doctor.

What yourequire is some inspiration and deep thought into weather or not your mind feels the same way that your heart does.Relationships produce very strong emotions that can actually dull logical thinking.The first step is to determine if you really want to remain in the relationship long term because no short term fix will make any difference if your relationship isn't meant to be; only you can answer this question.

Like I said above, most relationships are salvageable, even the ones that probably shouldn't be.I would strongly recommend that you go in this alone at first, read on the subject, spend some time with yourself and determine what you really want out of your own life because in the end, you have to be happy in order to make anyone else happy.

As promised, here are 3 reasons why you probably don't need professional relationship counseling.

1) Relationship counselors are expensive in most cases ranging from $100-200 per hour; do you really need to fork over this much money to have someone simply listen to your problems?The advice you'll ultimately receive will most often be based on common sense anyway...

2) Most people are unaware of the fact that many of these so called pro's don't have any practical real life experience, most gain their knowledge through books and you can do the same, you know yourself and your relationship better than anyone.

3) Love is in the heart not in the mind, the mind can play tricks on us due to the raw emotions that love/relationships draw out.The fact is that most people think that they need relationship counseling when in fact what they really need is to sit down and communicate with their partner.

It starts with communication, I have always found in life that sometimes it is better to go back to the beginning than it is to try and stay the current course.If you and your partner go back to the beginning, talk about when you first met, why you fell in love etc...then you can pinpoint exactly what went wrong and locate the root of why you think you need relationship counseling.

Leave the relationship counselor as a last resort, the time commitment will be required in either case however I have found that most people can educate themselves and ultimately get what they want at a much lower expense.

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