Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There's nothing remotely pleasant about relationship breakups for either party unless one of you is a closet sadist. No one likes to inflict pain on someone they currently care about or even someone they cared deeply for in the past. It's completely

Knowing how much people dislike being the one doing the breaking up you would think there would be fewer breakups, splits, and divorces around the world. The problem is that as much as we dislike ending relationships we also each have our own visions of what a successful and/or healthy relationship should be. We feel that the only option when our relationships aren't living up to our expectations is to end them and move on.

But, what if you could adjust (no big changes but a little "fine tuning") your expectations in order to avoid or overcome relationship breakups?

Yes, your relationship isn't a car but when all parts work together, much like a finely tuned racing car, it's a work of beauty and art. When something is wrong in the inner workings, you discover that the shell means little and will get you nowhere if the engine isn't operating. Relationships share this in common with automobiles too. If you want your relationship to work you have to give it a little TLC, some occasional fine tuning, and a commitment to keeping it in tip-top running shape.

But, is your relationship ready for a trip to the mechanic or can you administer a little do it yourself repair to have it road ready for love?

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