Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When we hear the words "relationship counseling", many of us are a little skeptical about how effective it really is. We can sort out the problem ourselves, right? Unfortunately, some couples are not well equipped to sort out their personal problems

It is the older couples who are a bit unsure about using relationship counselors, but the younger ones are quite happy to try new things. The figure for divorce nowadays is on the rise. Most marriages don't make it past the 30-year mark.

Usually, it is the male partner who is a little resistant to give relationship counseling a go. If this is the case, try making it clear to him that you want to go mainly for yourself. Ask him to be a supportive figure in the process, that's all. In some cases, one of the couple may think that he or she is being singled out as the cause of the problems in the relationship and is being forced to go to a session. Try to remain in a neutral emotional state, let your partner feel as if he or she is there to help you with your issues and it has nothing to do with him or her.

Let the reason for the visit to the relationship counselor fall on your shoulders. This will help relax your partner and make him or her feel more comfortable about the idea. The worst thing you can do is let your loved one think that he or she is going to be put under a microscope and questioned by you and the relationship counselor. Your partner is just along for the ride. The controlled environment created by the relationship counselor will hopefully help your partner to relax and warm up to the idea of being advised on how to deal with their problems.

Relationship counseling is for any type of couples out there. Don't be afraid of using this form of treatment to help even if you've only been in a short-term relationship. There are couples in counseling that have only been dating for two months. If your partner questions your motives for this type of treatment, reassure him or her by telling your partner that you care about your relationship and want it to be a long and healthy one. That's why you want to solve these problems as early as possible.

If we need counseling so early on, it means that our relationship is very unstable and will inevitably end; why should we bother? Through relationship counseling, you will be able to learn tools and tricks that help to keep your relationship strong and moving in the right direction. If you decided to leave the relationship as it was, then it would definitely end soon. Let your partner know that it is done with the two of you in mind and because you love and want to be with him or her.

There is the chance that your partner may be completely against the idea. In this case, just go by yourself. Helping yourself will help improve the relationship and after some time your partner is sure to give in.

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